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$39.00 includes shipping & handling (unless outside of CA)
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Dear customer,
I formulated & brought this product to market in hopes that I could save a vast majority of home owners very expensive ceiling repairs. I myself know how expensive home repairs are. My hopes are, this will be your first line of defense against costly repairs. If stains, mold or mildew are some of your problems this product is for you.!!

  • This product will remove smoking stains (nicotine ceiling deposits)
  • CAUTION: do not mix with any other chemicals toxic fumes will occurs
  • As with all chemicals keep out of reach of children
  • If splashed in eyes or on skin flood thoroughly with water and call physician.
  • If swallowed give water, call physician.

This Product Works Best On The Following:
  • Acoustical Ceiling Texture (blownn on)
  • Plaster (bare or painted) Stucco
  • T- Bar Ceilings panels
  • Painted Ceilings & walls
  • Dirty Air vents & heat registers
  • Bathroom mold & mildew
  • Porsolin sinks, ceramic tiles, toilets & showers
  • Greasy kitchen fan hoods linoleum vinyl
  • Kills Salmonella Bacteria on countertops
DIRECTIONS: (for best results)
  1. Most stains will disappear with one / two applications with in 5 mins.
  2. Do not spray so as to drip off ceiling
  3. Must set misting adjustment outside or over bathtub before treating area
  4. Remove or Protect any carpet or furniture beneath area being treated
  5. Do not spray directly overhead
  6. Walk backwards to avoid getting into eyes
  7. Always make sure cap is on tight
  8. Ventilation may be necessary on larger areas.

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